Fashion Icon focus: Meet the stylish Mo’cheddah

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Today we will be looking into celebrity fashion Icon we are so in love with and why we love them so much. Our pick today will be Mocheddah.


She is a talented rapper who has stormed the entertainment industry with not just  her music, but also her style. As the owner of her own music label Mo’cheddah music and fashion line Mocheddah clothing  her designs are amazing. With a flawless skin she is one super artist and designer to look out for.

​ As our fashion inspiration for today here are some of her works. Be Inspired 

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Brides maid inspiration 

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Good evening and welcome to my blog. My post today will be on some cute amazing bride’s maid photos that will inspire you.

These are the few I have for you today. Please comment and tell which is your best. Thanks and I love you all. Continue reading “Brides maid inspiration “


Some people may say life is a journey through time, “a journey”, representing a documentation of all our various experience, decisions, beliefs, aspiration and achievements.

At this point, if life is a journey then we are the vehicles, traveling through time. We are the object if interest; we are the headline news in the journey and your journey is yours alone:

“Your journey is completely yours. It is unique. Others may try to steal part of it, tell it in their words or shape it to suit them. Reality is no one can live it or own it but you. Take charge of your journey, it’s yours and yours alone!”

Kemi Sogunle

Here is an illustration; if I were to prepare for a journey I intend to make in two days time, I will need to do a service check on my car; making sure the brakes are okay as well as checking the various gauges, in summary, performing a total check – up on the car. My last step before embarking on the journey would be to buy the necessary amount of fuel I need to power my destination.

This brings us to our next point, if we are the vehicles, then we ought to be primed for this journey of life. I tend to look at the journey of life as comprising of various stages or  phases with its own environment and set of challenges. This means, my preparation is not just a one time affair, but for every bend. Every crossroad, every bridge I encounter as my journey goes on. If I also must be prepared, then I must prepare in anticipation of what is to come, learning from past experience to come up  with better solutions for what I may yet encounter.

By Ogaakoh Akoh.

Crochet braids New and Improved crotchet braid tutorial

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Crochet braids are the best. I made this amazing crochet braid hairstyle and I thought I should share some details on it. keeping it simple and short. Continue reading “Crochet braids New and Improved crotchet braid tutorial”